Business Cards

My biggest way to advertise is not just mouth to mouth, but it is with business cards.

Many times, YOU will be the best advertisement for a site. You may meet people, or network with business cards.

Make sure your business cards are sharp, colourful and are different from all the others. You want something attractive on one side and you want it to be useful so people will look at it more than once, and so it does not become lost in the hundreds of business cards a potential customer may already have.

How do you make it useful? Have information on the back such as a calender, or leave it blank to write notes. That way if a customer needs to look up a date or other useful information, they will carry it with them. Put a discount on it so if a customer comes in, shows a card, they get a discount. This will make the customer feel unique.

Put a phrase on it to get a discount. Once, I had ‘ask me about my cat and receive 10% off’. What this does is make customers relate you to something completely different to remember you. My cat was named Five - Cat Five - so when they asked me about my cat, the customer always thought about me and cat five cabling for computer work. The association was made.

Here are some other tips and hints:

  1. When you hand out business cards, hand out 3 at a time. One for the customer and two for the customer to give friends or other associates
  2. Leave business cards when you leave a tip
  3. Stick busienss cards in books at a library or book store
  4. Use your busienss card in drawings at local stores
  5. Add business cards to bulletin boards in groceries and gas stations
  6. Always carry them with you. If you leave business cards at home or work, that is when you will need one surely!

A business card is your billboard. It represents you and your company. Where as other advertisements may get your business shown, you are the one that can make it memorable by associating your card and business with you to people you meet.

In Prague business cards are a very popular way to pick up dates - one of my friends swears by it :slight_smile:
Good tips btw - worth the read.

I agree, I have been getting into the habit of ordering myself some nice business cards because I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of getting some legitimate business when I am out and about. There is a lot to say for offline marketing, I think many people accidently overlook it from their online “bubble” :slight_smile:

What i like to do is have muliple styles of cards. This way evertime i see a client i give them something new. They are so inexpensive to print why not add more designs. Try square cards!

Good post, be careful with the “Use your busienss card in drawings at local stores” they usually say in fine print the container that they’ll sell your information off to a billion places.

I have some wicked business cards and I’m considering getting stainless steel ones soon. There are some cards I own that retail for $350+ for 1000. A good addition to your listing would be having a very nice business holder case. I have two, although I primarily use the same type that Northrop Grumman Executives use (can only get these if you have connections or manage to find it online). It’s slick, comfortable and conservative which is great to impress any liberal or conservative client.

Great read! Business cards really are one of the best marketing tools!

Great tips. Classic gorilla marketing tactics that work.

Tip #1 is the one I think most people often forget. #6 is the one I’m most guilty of :frowning:

Tips #1 and #6 worked very well for me indeed :wink:

Out of Interest where do you get your business cards done? I’ve yet to find a decent place that serves to the UK (Vista-print has some really bad reviews). :slight_smile:

Few years ago I tried Aubergine and they were very good.

I have also used business cards and they are wonderful.Try puting your cards in strange places such as on the toilet paper roll in malls and next to greeting cards at the hallmark stores and places where people wont think they will be. that is were people are not thinking about businesses and your site will stand out.

Its not quite about business cards, but its a similar tactic. I used to go around to Apple Stores and change the home page on all the macbooks to my website until I got kicked out of the store.

Leave business cards when you leave a tip
Stick busienss cards in books at a library or book store
Use your busienss card in drawings at local stores

In many cases, doing this can actually have you losing money.

In many cases cards should be handed out to people we know who might be interested.