Project Ara Forum Promotion Tips

Hii webmasters I’m new on this forum i want to know, How to attract users to talk about a topic
I have a forum about project ara which is really a interesting topic for talking and as for now i have 100+ members and 10+ active members not a big amount.
I also started a 200$ giveaway which is getting good response
Please give me some advice about this.

Sorry for the English and thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forums, @Garv_Sharma.

I’ve removed the link from your post, as it isn’t necessary; we can offer advice and suggestions without it. How long has your site been active, and are you targeting any particular country/area?

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Not a particular area and it is active since 1.5 months.

Another member asked fairly recently about how to promote a new forum. You might this topic useful:

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