Need new ideas for a website that i have been working for

i have been working over 7 months on a site but i dont know what i can do more for attract people.i want to success on this way even i know it takes more time.
Could someone give better marketing strategies please.

Welcome to the forums, @tunc.

[quote=“tunc, post:1, topic:210682”]
Could someone give better marketing strategies please.
[/quote]It would help if you explained what strategies you’ve tried already.

Some more information about your site, target audience etc. would also be helpful. (We don’t need the URL, just the information.)

thank you,i explain before that i want to get trafics…if you check the site maybe you can give ideas…

ok i guess we can not mention any website address here,thats fine :smile:

We don’t need to look at the site to get ideas, so please stop posting the link.

What would be more helpful would be if you told us what you’ve already tried with regards to promotion, and which of those techniques were successful and which not. Then we might be better placed to offer new suggestions.

uffff as if to show simple links break down your site…i will never use your site again

I’m sorry you feel that way. We are quite willing to assist you, but we need you to provide some more information, as requested above. We don’t need a link in order to offer advice on promoting a site, and the link does not provide the requested information.

As I’m sure you can appreciate, we get many Spammers here, and so-called members whose only aim is to link-drop and promote their sites. To try to discourage this, and keep the forums a welcoming and useful place for genuine members, we only allow links where it is strictly necessary to demonstrate a problem or answer a question.

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