Problem with tableless data display in IE8

I’m having an issue with a tableless data display on a page of a site I’m working on. It looks right in all of the most recent browsers such as Chrome, Firefox 6, and IE9 but quite a few of the users on the site still use IE8.

here is the html page:

this is a screenshot of how that page looks in IE8:

Any help/input appreciated. Thanks in advance


You really should have used tables for those data tables instead of spans and p tags.

Anyway the issue looks as though its the missing quote marks that are confusing IE on the anchors in all these sections.

<a style="float:right" href= ">

You have no starting quote on the href but you do have a closing quote so IE gets confused. Always quote your attributes and you won’t go wrong.

I have added the quote marks back in here:

<div class=ECtable>
		<p><span class=ECtableHeader>Product ID</span><span class=ECtableHeader>Product Description</span><span class=ECtableHeader>Quantity</span><span class=ECtableHeader>Price</span><span class=ECtableHeader>Total</span></p>
		<p><span><a style="float:right" href=" ">1085 </a></span><span>H2OEvent WaterEcoBottl </span><span>2</span><span>$0.00</span><span>$0.00</span></p>
		<p><span><a style="float:right" href="  ">681 </a></span><span>GMFrenchVanillaKCup </span><span>2</span><span>$0.00</span><span>$0.00</span></p>
		<p><span><a style="float:right" href=" ">1205 </a></span><span>GMDoubleBlackDiamondKC </span><span>2</span><span>$0.00</span><span>$0.00</span></p>
		<p><span><a style="float:right" href="  ">695 </a></span><span>GMBreakfastBlendKCup </span><span>2</span><span>$0.00</span><span>$0.00</span></p>
		<p><span><a style="float:right" href=" ">2575 </a></span><span>CLOTGPeach30 </span><span>1</span><span>$0.00</span><span>$0.00</span></p>
		<p><span><a style="float:right" href=" ">2585 </a></span><span>CLOTGLemonade30 </span><span>2</span><span>$0.00</span><span>$0.00</span></p>
		<p><span class=ECtableFooter></span><span class=ECtableFooter></span><span class=ECtableFooter></span><span class=ECtableFooter><b>SubTotal</b><b>Tax</b><b>Total</b></span><span class=ECtableFooter><b>$0.00</b><b>$0.00</b><b>$0.00</b></span></p>
		<a href=""><img class=ECsignature src=""></a></div>

Thank you so much! That fixed it.

I personally would have used tables. Unfortunately, I didn’t create the page, I was just put in charge of fixing it.

Thanks again