Annoying display issue in IE8

Hi guys,

I’m struggling with a small IE8 issue. Please see the site

The featured projects on the right is slightly out of line - the images over hang the coloured block below. It looks fine in the other major browsers and fine in IE7 surprisingly.

I have attached the CSS (.txt file) - apologies for the messy code.


Looks fine in IE8 to me. (Can’t quite work out why you resorted to tables there. :wink: )

The site’s built on Joomla and the Featured articles are created using the ‘Mini Front Page’ extension. The extension uses tables unfortunately. I was tempted to hack about with it a little and use divs instead of tables but my PHP skills are next to none so I was afraid of damaging the templates.

See attached screenshot for how IE8 looks for me…

IE8 looks OK to me also but Ie6 is broken because you have the xml declaration above the doctype.

Remove this as it triggers quirks mode in IE6.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Cool, I’ve removed the xml declaration - it must have been in an earlier template.


I guess this must ave just been a local issue then?! Thanks for all your assistance any way guys - much appreciated.