My site looks like Hell when using IE 8

This URL looks fine when using Safari, but when using IE 8, it requires the use of the “compatibility mode” mode. I currently have border=1 so that I can see the table and try to figure out why it looks like Hell in IE.

Why did Microsoft have to go and change how their browser renders html? Can anyone point me in the right direction for what needs to be done to resolve this?


This just in…

I removed the horizontal google ads from the page and now it renders decently in IE 8. Anyone know why google ads would have thrown off the rendering of the whole page?

Maybe it’s how very invalid your mark-up is. I’d look at it to help, but you appear to have accidentally added an obnoxious script to block right clicking!

Try validating and removing the 101 errors:

Try validating and removing the 101 errors:

Or change the document type to get rid of most errors.

Most of those errors are just from using CAPITAL LETTERS in the tag names, and inlined styles. One error looks like it’s causing issue: second-to-last, likely improper table nesting.

Though I’ll be the first to say that ads, even Google ads, tend to be the most disgusting steaming piles of invalid code you’ll ever see, and often you can do little about it except encase them in divs to keep them separated from the rest of the page code.