Problem with earning!

im new here n hope all is fine

im publisher of ReduxMedia

more than 150000 Impressions per day!
more than 600 Click per Day!
but no more than 2$ per day :rolleyes:

I dunno wat’s the problem!!
I decided to apply to google Adsense
I registered 3 times but no reply! there is no any active account!

anyone can help me ?
advice me to apply another company or anything else …
btw: my site content in arabic Language!

thanks n cheers

im sorry for writing this topic in wrong section i hope from moderator to move it to the right section .

Read the Google Adsense policy. For Google Adsense your content must be unique. Alternatively you can use info links as well as try yahoo publishers add.

Perhaps you should set your target as Arabic countries if you have not done it so. So you may get better ads. Also moving the hosting to the same place as your taget country is a better action to earn a plus from search engines
But if this is your site then you should be obviously earning more

There must be only two reasons. Either your web site age is not more that 6 months or you do not have unique, informative and copyscape passed contents.

If you’ve been rejected 3 times you must be doing something very wrong. Have you read Google’s Terms of Service?

Then you have to make sure that you are not breaking any of their rules. Is your website based on an acceptable theme? Is your site more than 6 months old? Is your website well designed and reasonably presentable?

You’ve got to make sure that you tick all the boxes before submitting your site for AdSense. Read Google’s ToS and good luck!

what is the site about? With 150000 impressions a day from an arabic country, I’m guessing a warez forum, is that it?