30000 impressions and 2500 clicks per month

i have a new website . i have 30000 impressions and 2500 clicks per month. Google cant accept my site. how can i make money of my website

Your question isn’t clear. Are you asking how to be accepted into Google AdSense?

There are many other alternative to Adsense
Just signup a affiliate program that match you website or blog and promote there product or service and earn easy cash.

Why won’t Google accept you? Just 'cause of your site age?

Google can’t accept your site means ? Or you are unable ?

I am not confident with your question but I think, you are asking for approval of Adsense. Impressions and clicks are not just enough for your site. You have to study all the things to get approval of Google Adsense Account. Content should be ULTIMATE instead of only unique.

You can always try different platforms. Even though adsense is the big one, there are more fish in the sea :wink:

Are you meant to ask Google not to index some articles for you or not?

As the OP’s question is unclear, and they’ve never bothered to return, there seems little point in continuing this thread.

Thanks to those who contributed.