Problem with Different Hosting Server and Domain Provider!

Hello Everyone,

I am facing a confusion for handling my sites with different hosting provider and domain name provider.

Let me explain my confusion with an example (a bit lengthy though):

I have 2 websites and 2 service providers:

Site Names Hosting Service Provider Domain Service Provider

Site1 HS1 DS1

Site2 HS2 (Free Provider, No Worries) DS1

As per above table, I have registered both my sites with DS1. HS1 says that they can host one domain for FREE along with their one hosting account.
I have hosted Site1 on HS1 but the problem is that HS1 says that they don’t support domain with “” (Site1 contains “” ) while they can support domain with “.info” (Site2 contains “.info”). I want to have Site2 with HS1 for FREE renewal along with my current hosted account.

I talked to HS1 and DS1 to initiate transfer process for Site2 (from DS1 to HS1) and they started it as well. However, HS1 is saying that they will keep my current domain (Site1) as parked domain and Site2 will be treated as main hosting account.

If I choose this process to make Site1 as parked domain then My confusions are:

  • Will Site1 retain the same domain after going to parked domain or will it be changed/treated some other way like subdomain etc.?
  • Will I continue to operate Site1 under parked domain in the same way I am using currently ?
  • Is there any chance to data loss for Site1 ?
  • What are the changes that I would need to make in nameservers for Site1 and Site2 ?
  • During the transfer process, what will happen to Site1 ? Will it be operative or kept down ?

Anyone has got experience for this kind of transfer, please share your thoughts.

All suggestions are welcome.

P.S. -> I’ll continue paying to DS1 to keep alive Site1 to avoid any loss.


This questions should be address to your hosting provider, the one that you want to use. Each company handles this type of transfers diffently and have different policies for this situations. Nobody can give you a 100% accurate answer

Each hosting provider is different. I would say that they will treat it as a new hosting service, therefore you would pay the corresponding annual fee. But only your hosting company can answer this.

I don’t know how your using it now… parked domain means parked… that is, no webpage, no e-mail, no nothing. Simply, you own the domain name but no services or hard drive space assigned to it.

If I understand your example correctly, yes, there is. I understand that Site 1 and Site 2 are two different webs with different content. If you simply direct you .INFO domain to your HS1 website and create the appropiate DNS zone, all content for Site 1 will be available although people will be able to access it by keying .INFO domain.
But if you simply remove Site 1 and park it, parked domain = no hosting space. All data will be lost.

Of course, you may have a backup copy in your hard drive to load it somewhere else.

So you can loose the data but it really depends on how you handle the situation and if you have backup and everything.

To direct a domain to a particular hosting you need two things:

  • When you register/buy the domain (or change the computer/hosting the files are, like in this case), the DNS servers (Primary and secondary) of the hosting provider
    This will tell the world where they have to go to view your web page. It will direct them to the network of your hosting provider

  • Create the appropiate DNS zone in the hosting server.
    When someone keys your domain, they will see the public IP address. the DNS zone will direct them to the right folder (if you use shared hosting) and computer, in the internal network of the hosting provider.

Now, many times you don’t see the second step. When you use the same provider for hosting and domain, it is an automated system for them. If you use different providers, even then the hosting support system may do that work for you (or they may have templates)

The domain, as such, it will be active even if it just direct you to a parking domain page. Still, what happens it will also depends on how you handle the process but in the end, Site 1 will stop to exist, either because it will become Site 2 or because you will not have hosting space anymore.


I’d be asking your host why they don’t support domains - it could be they think you want to transfer the domain name over to them and they don’t have the ability to register/renew them, as I can’t think of any technical reason why they can’t support a domain name on their hosting - Unless they have some very badly designed software that only allows them to add specific gTLD/ccTLDs to their system, which would be very odd.