Changing domain for existing site

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I have pretty much the same issue as SuperJ. Unfortunately, that topic seems to have got scrambled in the move, but if I’m reading it correctly, it’s simply a case of parking the new domain on the hosting account and then 301 redirecting old to new in the .htaccess file. Is that correct?

Yup. You may also need to alter any configuration files related to your site to ensure the links generated by new content would take on the new domain. That step obviously varies based on what system you may be using to run your site.


There are several sites for which I need to do this, but they’re all “static” PHP - no CMS or anything involved. One site does have a guestbook, though, so yes - I’d probably need to change the configuration files there. (And I wouldn’t have thought of that by myself. )

I am not sure to understand correctly your word “parking”, but if you “park” a domain there, you cannot use 301 redirect, it will be a loop. If you want to use 301 redirect, you will need to add the new domain as “add-on domain”, not “parked domain” or “domain pointer”.

The easiest way in this case might be: change to, then park back to the hosting account, as a parked domain of

No it will not. If the 301 redirect is to change domain1 to domain2 then when the domain is already domain2 the redirect has nothing to do.

[quote=“gate2vn, post:4, topic:98980”]
The easiest way in this case might be: change to
[/quote]How would I do this within the existing (cPanel) hosting account?

Are you sure about that? With parked domain?

Sorry, it’s long time for me to use cPanel, so I am not sure. I have been using DirectAdmin for a while, and it’s very easy to change in Domain Administration.

Yes. I have actually done that with parked domains.

I would like to see how you do it then, if you can share?

I had to do this recently. The site was a .com and they wanted to use their From memory, the host suggested we park the domain and use a redirect (which was found under cPanel > Redirects) to redirect the domain name. Seems to have worked all OK.

Thanks, @Peter. That seems to be the general consensus. I’ll try it when I get back from holiday.