Domain name/hosting?

I am a novice web designer. Good design/poor tech skills. I have a basic question.
My domain name I purchased from Go Daddy is up for renewal. I want to repurchase my name, but I do not want to host on Go Daddy. Am I able to host anywhere I want as long as I own the domain name? How does that process work?

If you are web designer I suppose it worth to think over reseller accounts as for the domain name registration as for the web hosting services.

I agree with… You would not want to go with GoDaddy since they would create a lot of mess when it comes to seeing a customer go… You can go to the BigRock website ( and you can move both, your hosting & Domain name to them. It will be worth the bet !

Most domain registrars provide a control panel for the domain that will have an option where you can set the addresses of the nameservers that point to the hosting. The hosting provider you choose should supply the values that you need to place into those fields so as to point your domain to their hosting. The actual resolution to the actual hosting account is then handled by the computers at the nameserver address.

Don’t try transferring both the domain and hosting at the same time. You need to either move the domain first and then update the nameservers via the new registrar or wait for the domain change to propogate before moving the domain.

I moved a domain too soon after updating the nameservers once and ended up with 10% of the visitors redirected back to the old hosting because one of the nameservers didn’t get picked up properly by the copy at the new registrar.

“Am I able to host anywhere I want as long as I own the domain name?” - yes, you can. But unfortunatelly, GoDaddy creates troubles (by taking long time in propogation of domain and so on), if someone leaves them. This is our personal experience. Better transfer your domain also - preferably to DirectI.

Good luck.