Problem viewing website

Can someone help me to fix this website problem? I am facing problem viewing this website through my windows PC. It is showing the mobile version menu and not the desktop version. Does anyone know the reason behind this?

Hi there @rileypark009 I have moved your topic to the WordPress forum as I see it is a WP site. You are more likely to get help on a WP topic there.

One thing I note, looking at the source in Firefox, you have a lot of errors in your code, particularly stray end </div> and </p> tags which could cause parts of the page to be incorrectly displayed.

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The hamburger menu clicks in at about 1198px width and replaces the green horizontal menu. I guess the designer assumed this was a good place to remove that menu and seems to be by design. It could have gone a little smaller but then of course would have depended on the text content of the links in that menu.

There doesn’t seem to be a problem as such unless you are seeing something different?

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