What is the [new] width for Wordpress themes?

Hello All.

Been using Wordpress themes for a couple of years. Good experience and never disturbed so far.

Suddenly I find myself at sea: On my 17 inch (1024*768) monitor, NO WP THEME shows the usual Horizontal Menu (either installed at my PC or on Demo pages). Almost every theme displays the Button (normally seen in mobiles).

However, if I change my monitor resolution to 1280 pixels, the menu appears.

But the problem is twofold:

  1. I can’t work at such high resolutions, and
  2. My clients can’t either.

The question being: Is everyone (I mean end-user) using such high resolution screens (don’t know which devices every programmer is targetting!) Why suddenly every programmer has changed the min-width: 1200px?

Any easy way out to restore the screen settings? Thanks in advance for any ideas on this.

Eh, I’m not really sure what you mean by horizontal menu. At first I thought you meant the admin bar, but that doesn’t go into “mobile mode” until around 780px:

Then I thought you meant the “main menus” for Twenty-* themes, but they don’t turn “mobile” until around the same:

Could you give a link to an example of one you’re talking about? I’m a project manager and touch a million sites as they come through, and in my experience ~1200 seems to be trending (up from 960), though I don’t know if that’s just a local trend or not.

I would say hit CTRL+0 if you’re on Chrome and make sure you’re not zoomed in. I’ve done that a few time :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your reply.

Recently I tried many themes from Themeforest: 3clicks, Be, secondtouch etc. and the Menu (Man navigation menu) appears as a button.

If 1200 px is trending, what are the targeted devices?

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