Private, Live Podcast?

I am trying to find a way to do a private, live podcast for a client. They have a membership site and want only members to be able to access a live podcast. Live is very important as this relates to financial data and they want to do it right before the start of the trading day each day.

We have found and tried Mixlr, however that does not allow for private sessions - your Mixlr page/stream is always available via the Mixlr website itself.

Sounds you want something more like a streaming webcast rather than a podcast.

I am part of the barbershop harmony society, and they’ve used River Media to host their webcasts for years.

Tried calling, not even a voice mail message. Tried clicking their email link and they couldn’t even do a proper mailto: link on the most important link on their site. Sorry, but that looks far too sketchy for me to recommend to a great client.

Will continue to do research using “streaming webcast” instead of “podcast” - thanks for that tip.