Confidential link handling

This is one of those I’ve heard that this can be done, but whoever told me didn’t have any idea how to do it kind of questions.

I belong to a small group of newbies who have a weekly conference call on some service where the calls can be recorded, saved and retrieved. Sorry, I don’t know which service. I am told that access to the recorded call can be posted to a web page. How would we keep the access confidential? And how would we keep it from being picked up by search engines?



PS: Of course, my next question will probably be how does one post audio files or access to them on a page - I think you can guess that I am pretty vague on what I am talking about. Sorry. (The worst part is that I am the most advanced coder in the group - ha!)

The easiest way to do this would be to use .htpassword documents inside your web folder (basically, you put username & password details into this document thats hidden into a web folder) - Then everyone that tries to access the folder from the web is prompted for a username and password.

Similarly, with this in place, i dont think search engines can get in there - but on the off chance that I’m wrong, you can restrict search engines with a robots.txt file. (google both of these as its probably a bit long to explain).

In regards to putting the audio files on there… I’d simply upload the files to your server, then link to them with the normal:

<a href=“linktoaudio.mp3”>Click here to go to the audio</a>

Alternatively you could embed them with a flash widget… But they can be complicated so for now I’d probably suggest staying away from these.

Actually, building on the above, you could simply have a username and password on the folder where the MP3 files are stored and link to them naturally on the website so people can click on the links, but they’ll need the user/pass combo to be able to download the media itself. There’s no need to “stealth” the pages unless you provide transcripts for the conversations (which may be indexed by Google) - could be easier to “tag” the files as secured like that. :slight_smile: