Radio Shows and Live Streaming (Website)

I was contacted by a company to do a 5-minute segment on Sirius XM and then a live streaming for about 20 minutes on their website.

Has anyone ever done this? The show is fairly new, but the show before them has about 7.5 million listeners and the show after has about 2.5 million users.

They gave me a few times, one was about 10 minutes but that was towards the end of the hour on the radio. I thought that I would try the segment closer to the beginning of the hour.

I’ve done a few things on UK radio…what sort of things do you want to know?

Did you seem to get some good leads? How well did it go?

The shows I’ve done are introducing new music and I’ve had some decent bumps in traffic from that. I wasn’t looking for leads though and saw the interviews as more a form of branding exercise to get the name out and I think that has worked to an extent - a lot of people see names on old media and suddenly believe they are more credible than their online counterparts.

What is will you be talking about in your segment?

Merchant accounts / electronic payment gateways - accepting merchant accounts basically. While I was sick / hospitalized, I had a lot of time to catch up on a few things and I was contacted by that company that had seen my work.