Privacy problem

I have found on a website out there, my personal contact information - full name, full address and phone number. They are posted there without my consent, probably by the website admin or one of the users (although i don’t know where did they get them from)

I have contacted the admin and asked to remove the contact details from there but now it’s 2 weeks later and i didn’t get any answer.

What should i do, who should i contact?

Find out who is hosting the website (a simple whois lookup can tell you that), and contact them.

Will do that and will get back to you as soon as the situation moves on in any way.

I don’t think you have any rights to have the information removed to be honest. If the information was taken through a WHOIS lookup it’s already publicly available and therefore in the public domain and you have no right to control it as you made it available. If it’s not on your websites WHOIS and you didn’t provide it anywhere else or previously make it available you might have a case on PII regulations (see the below, hope it’s helpful to your options):