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What is the difference between press release and news release ?

It’s just words… press, news, same thing. Either will do the same thing for you (nothing) if you simply write up a release and put it online. What you need is a distribution plan both to syndication feeds as well as contacts in the media who you are working with to get them to actually read the release, create a story and post it out there.

They should be same, but most people use press release or news. I believe press release is related to your company and news could be any.

Press release is a document that communicates information to the press. It can publicize good news such as positive earnings and new product or service launches. PR Department of the company prepares and announce the press release behalf of the company.

In the case of news release, everybody can publish news or story on media like internet or press. You can create, publish and promote your own news. No reporter, editor or journalist required. But in press release authorised person or PR department announce the press release to media persons.

Both are the same. The content is news and when it get published it becomes press release

i agree with you… since the word news is most common now

I think both r same in functionalities the only difference is there in name.

Very good question, the difference b/w press release and news release is:-

Press release:- is used to inform the people about your company or products in details.


News release:- is used to tell the people about a particular incident or facts.

There is no difference in press or news release.

Both are not much differ, but ya you’re site get more benefit from press release.

Yes very correct… I read a lot about this in search engines

That article is like information online and Press Release is like a news

There is not much difference in Press Release and News Release…
Actually news release is 4 -5 lines news and Press Release is like 250 to 500 words…

But what i observe Press Release is much effective then news Release.
Article submission is also best - but but when you do it properly then only…
Unique Content - one article in only one article site…

Any comments ??

I agree with you martin! Anybody can write about a certain news, website, products that can be submitted to any press release submission website and if its just plain news, short description on any interesting topic, videos maybe or even photos of all kinds of news and almost everything, it can be posted on any blog social bookmarking sites or just rant about it on any social media sites you are using. Bottom line; any kind of news can be posted as a press release and you can also post it as a blog post, article and any kinds of content online. Just remember to make your content accordingly for any kind of content. E.g writing a press release is different from writing a normal article that you can submit on any article submission sites.

They are just the same, the thing is no one uses the word press nowadays.


The terms press release and news release used interchangeably. There is some confusion as to the variation in meaning. Yet there is actually no difference between the two.

Well, this is sort of question which is really important for the people to know who are internet marketing. Today internet is a biggest source of getting much interactions directly with the audiences. This is a biggest platform where you are a publisher and no middle person is required.

Press release is an old form of releasing news to the press; but, news release is a modern way of marketing through press via internet.

The term press release and news release, dont have much difference but, the only difference is, what you do with it and what you call it, which makes difference.

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