Remotely work on projects

I have a workstation (development server) in my office at home. It’s super fast and I love it but a lot of times I just want to get the hell out of that room but I still have work to do. We have 2 other laptops, I have a pretty fast sager desktop replacement and my wife has a ****** dell.

I want to be able to work on stuff on my development pc remotely from our laptops.

What do you guys think?

I would try using SVN. Set up your sites as repositories on your dev server, then check them out on other computers when you want to remotely work. Check them back in when you’re done and you shouldn’t ever run into any issues of trying to remember if your files are up to date or not.

My computers are fine. I want to work on websites residing my workstation (development server) in my office from my laptop from around the house.

if it do not meet your satisfaction then it is time to fix it or replace it.