Remote control 2 identical sites on different servers

Not really sure where this needs to go, but here’s the scenario I have.

I’m evaluating new projection software for our Church to use. I’ve found the near perfect application, and it’s open sourced, and in a single projector system it works fine, but for our needs, we need dual displays, which the software doesn’t support yet. Why I’m posting this here is because I think I have a solution, the program has a web based interface to control the movement between slides and songs. What I’d like to do is install the application on two computers, attached to the two projectors, run the app on each, and create a web interface that would control both. I’m thinking it should be possible to have it where I click “Next Slide” in the custom page and it send the signal to both installs.
The application in question is It’s written in Python, and I’m guessing that it may even be possible to customize the interface to send the signals to both systems, but I’m a PHP guy, not Python, and even then I’m rusty.