Posting Content on Facebook / Twitter

Hi There

Is there a way to post content on Facebook and Twitter using some third party API?

I know there are widgets like ShareThis / AddThis etc, but what I am looking for something like in the attached screenshot.

Why go with a third party – both platforms have APIs, and most environments have a reasonably easy to use library for them.

Because its more easy to use a third party API that has all social networks integrated in it.

If anything it would be miles harder, as you’d have to cater for multiple websites with different required fields through one interface. The only benefit to an “all-in-one” solution I can see is if you wanted to spam your business/product, and anyone who has used the likes of Twitter for business will safely know that it is a poor method of getting any traffic whatsoever.

The Twitter and Facebook API’s are both fantastic, and the reason they’re so strong and recommended is because they’re all you’ll need. Finally, to my knowledge, they authenticate on their side so a third-party tool would struggle to get around their protection.

Well, you can use twitterfeed for posting content which is really fantastic.