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I want to sync my Twitter Account to a Facebook business page. I checked on searches and saw all sorts of options to do so. I want that the content I publish in page, will appear on Twitter automatically and I’d love to get a reference to this preferred application.

Thank you!

I don’t really use Twitter that much. I don’t know why but Facebook looks a little more user friendly to me and it does offer all the info required in just a few pages

I use the “Facebook to Twitter” application. This is the official application for Twitter, and made by Facebook itself I believe. I’ve been using it for months and it works great, hope that helps!

I wrote in Facebook search “Facebook to Twitter” and recieved many results. Can you attach a link to this application, please?

When you are in Facebook you should see a little box saying something like “Link Facebook to Twitter”. I think it might be shown when you go to edit your profile, have a look around, you should see it.

I never thought to link the two accounts, but it makes sense… save time by posting in both at the same time!

I have connected facebook to twitter page, but i dont know how i connected it…

I’ve already done that, it’s genius! Indeed saves time.

you can connect your ftwitter account with facebook to share tweets with your facebook friend…visit this link and follow the instructions

Ok, thanks, I’ll try that too. So basically, I can link twitter to Facebook and vice versa. Sweet :slight_smile:

With use of Ping.Fm, you can integrate both of your accounts in order to share status updates at the same time with out logging on to two separate social media’s websites.

OK guys but this is never enough using social media to clients. I use a lot of free other software to give advantages to the client and of coarse started integrating all SM icons to their sites. Thing is, i need many automates systems to each client… any ideas?

Here’s the link for you to customize your twitter app and integrate your Fan Page to twitter.
Or you can go to your Facebook Page and click edit Page then go to the apps tab -

Hope that could help you, although there are some changes with the way the two social network integrate with each other. I’m sure you can still figure that out.

thanks. i think that helps.

You are right. But sometimes if you have big online project you have to understand that twitter and facebook have different audience. And you shouldn’t share identical information in both services…

You can use twitter rss feed on face-book business page. It will automatically syndicate all post on face-book business page.

yes, i started using hootsuite… 6$ a month does that to both twitter and facebook

I second Ping.FM, works really well with Apps for mobile devices, and also does a load of other social networks.

Just remember that facebook and twitter are very different mediums and while it is simple to shorten things down to the lowest common denominator, that’s leaving opportunity on the table. Reposting the same content is one thing but do it taking advantage of the particular restrictions, and dynamics, of the medium…

After all, you don’t want hashtags in Facebook and don’t want long lengths on Twitter.

facebook simply provides linking both the medias with each other. You can follow this simple link

it will ask you to login and then it will integrate your twitter and facebook account. Whatever you post on twitter, it will publish on your facebook wall, and vice-verse.