Is any idea how could I submit my post in all three social network by one clicking ?

You can use tools like TweetDeck and other social media management apps to post across multiple sites but before you do think about it for a second…

Twitter is 140 characters - 20 for Retweets. Facebook and Google+ are hundreds of characters more and while shorter is better, there’s big difference between say 220 characters and 120. Just as there’s differences in format [Facebook will accept one media element to auto-preview but only for web-created posts while Twitter uses hashtags that just look silly on a facebook post] and even the visibility [Facebook’s EdgeRank system appears to downplays posts made via the API depending on the tool, object and history with your fans].

You’ve got an audience to communicate with just briefly: Reach them in the most effective way possible, not the quickest.

Side note: Google+ isn’t supported in posting tools yet as the API is limited. Expect this to change soon.

So if I can complete the comment within 100 characters I will able to comment in those site in one click or there is any complication ?

Sure, if you want to lose opportunity, visibility & response, you can post to Twitter & Facebook using the same update via TweetDeck or a number of similar apps. Google+ as I mentioned does not yet support external posting through most of the API tools.

I hope this will help you out.

Thanks,this is work.I’m looking for that type of application.

Would this platform send the same post to all the social websites or there is function for posting different post to each social website.

I don’t aware any tool for google+ but for the Facebook and Twitter I strongly recommended ping.fm site. cause of you not only post in Facebook and Twiter but you can post more then 30 different social networking site with just a single click.

I think you can do this with hootsuite It’s a nice tool for managing social media stuff.

What is TweetDeck? and how to use it? i am a newbie. Thanks

Oh, i’ve read a topic with title: “Merge Google+, Facebook & Twitter With The Help Of G++ [Chrome & Firefox]

You can use ping.fm services to post your update simultaneously. Plus point is, it’s completely free and you can manage your other social accounts too.

You can use TweetDeck for all social Networking site this is a very Easy way to submit your link by one click.

there are many networks that combine all your social networks you can post your msg from them and with single post your msg will be sent to all networks added by you…you can try ping.fm, webberid… there are many more that you can search by your own by search keyword like “combine all social networks”…

there is a ping.fm.You can publish your comment in many social networking site through this site.You just have to create account in this site and allow the site in which you want to publish your comments.

If you use wordpress or joomla search for social plugin.

I mainly use Zoomla search for social plugin as usually. I think Zoomla is more advanced PHP Framework to manage plugin than Wordpress.

Try hootsuite.com and posterous.com.

Numerous solutions have been offered up to cover just about every different way of doing this. Closing this thread down.