Feedback about SitePoint on Discourse


We appreciate that this move is a huge change for everyone. We've worked really hard to make it as easy as possible, but we know there will be plenty of things that you want to discuss. Please use this thread to voice your questions, concerns and feedback, but please make it constructive.

Getting started with Version Control/GIT
To love Opera, or not to love Opera
Welcome to The SitePoint Forums
Ruby Resources
Welcome to The SitePoint Forums
Welcome to the SitePoint Forums!
  • Instructions appear easy to find.
  • Trust levels are well explained and easy to find out about
  • Range of forums looks good considering what is on the prior forums
  • The post entry box is a big imporovement - particularly with the tooltip popup over it reminding people of what sorts of things to consider when posting

  • The lack of signatures will probably see a lot of spammers trying to enter them manually on all their posts
  • A lot of people have more than one web site but the profile only allows one.
  • Getting line breaks where I want it in this list is a bit awkward
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Agreed, hence this rule:

No signatures. We have a one warning rule for fake signatures. Do it twice and you're out.

I figure that legit members might make the mistake once, but when they get warned, will stop. Non-legit members that don't listen to warnings will be out, and we're good with that. Along with this platform change we're revisiting some of our moderation guidelines in order to clean things up. It's a hard line, but tbh we have nothing to lose at this point. Things are degrading so fast that there will be nothing left if we don't make some changes.

Markdown in general is a bit awkward...


Ah, don't worry, you'll soon find that new users are only allowed two links per post anyway! And there is a limit to the number of posts they can write daily until they get out of their new user status and become a regular user.

That is one of my favorite features of Discourse, the fact that it will limit new users on what they can and cannot do until they show they want to be a contributing member.

Welcome to Markdown. I'm still getting used to it myself smile

Oh, and I can't wait to hear about the experience each of you have and any recommendations to ease the pain of anything that wasn't glaringly obvious.


If I am understanding things correctly it only took me about half an hour to get out of new user status. Of course by then it should be obvious to moderators whether the new user's actions are legitimate or spam and to take appropriate action.


Selecting one quote to reply to appears to be far simpler here than on the old forum. Is there a way to make mutlitple quotes to reply to in the one post?



An example block of Ruby looks like this

def chars(text)
  return text.split()

and coffeeee

chars = (text)->
  text.split ''

Has anyone tried Bulletproof coffee yet?

Edit: Looks great at a glance!

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Yes, you highlight the text you want from a post and choose the " quote reply. Do that for each post and it just builds in your reply textarea.


Bulletproof coffee? I haven't even had enough time to tackle coffee! Maybe if they named it Mountain Dew, I'd make more time for it... wink

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So you can select the first quote BEFORE hitting the reply button and then add the extra ones simply by selecting the text you want to quote AFTER you start your reply - FANTASTIC


Got my first email digest and it's a beautiful thing indeed. The rest of the site seems great on mobile too.

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Awesome. Yeah, we're just finishing off the mobile style sheet but I'm pretty happy with how it all looks now. Not sure if you guys have spent any time looking at vanilla Discourse, but we've made some fairly huge style changes.


Ah found the feedback thread!

On the password reset page there us no indication for the minimum required number of characters.


Bookmarking your feedback to get it sorted. Thanks.


Already reported smile

Should be an easy fix and if no one beats me to it, I may tackle it in the next day or two. smile

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Not a good idea to have your email address on public display on the profile page, I can imaging scrapers having a field day!


I add it in my about me section, you can include links there.

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Not a good idea to have your email address on public display on the profile page, I can imaging scrapers having a field day!

I had the same problem, my username was reset to my email which is my real name.

I am very sensitive about my real name on public forums.


Only visible to you (try visiting as anon) or visiting someone else's profile.

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Got it - that said I think it needs some sort of indicator to say that only yourself can see it. There again why show it there anyway? Normally email addresses are only relevant to a profile edit section!

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