Post Pictures of the Specialty Dish of Your City/Region

There is a restaurant in STL called “Five Star Burgers”. The owner is from New Mexico. The menu lists a green chile cheeseburger. Bottom bun; sliced raw green chile; hamburger patty; cheese; sliced, breaded and deep-fried green chile; top bun; served with green chile mayo on the side. IT IS AWESOME!


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Oh, and, here’s a link to the restaurant. :smile:

Well in London you can get “The Metro” news paper free basically everywhere, if you prefer ink on your chips you could always pick one up and pour your chips on it :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually like English style Fish & Chips more than Southern Style.

I freaking love seafood though. As much as I like to eat and try new food, I could entirely live off Seafood with the occasional boneless Buffalo wings and probably wouldn’t ever get sick of it.

When I went to the US I went to a crab resturant, it was great. Haven’t found anything like it in the UK. Crab is almost always served as a paste :frowning:

I’m lucky, I have a good supplier. I have some friends that are fishermen, whenever I visit I come home with crab, lobster or cod.
No one posted a picture for a while, so I’ll be indulgent and post my whole seafood sequence.
WARNING: Gratuitous Food Porn! :yum:
The next step is a barbecue, but I did not take a picture of that.


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