Your favorite food on weekend!

hi all!
What do you love to cook and eat on a weekend? I am planning to cook something special on this weekend. but looking for some good idea.
Can you tell me what you cook this weekend?

my cooking skills are limited to boiling water :bawling:, so - pasta

I love the cooking, I cook chicken with fried rice on weekend.

I bought some Nando’s chicken seasoning and had seasoned chicken, savoury rice and Mediterranean vegetables. One of my favourite meals in a while.

My cooking skills are also pretty limited. But I can make rice and I usually just get frozen chicken or tuna or something. And I defrost that and eat it with the rice. Or I boil pasta and buy some sauce for it. And chop up some sausages and fry them. Stuff like that. Basic, meaty, quick and easy.

chicken lollypop is my favorite.

Chicken chicken all the way :smiley:
poor chicken :smiley:

I love to eat pasta and pizza.

Chicken wings.

anything with full of chicken…:d

Not really good with cooking but I love to eat. Since you are just asking for my suggestion, then I think PIZZA is the best food to eat during weekend. I think it is easy to prepare provided you got a ready to bake dough of course. Putting lot of toppings is my favorite part of the process.