Post Pictures of the Specialty Dish of Your City/Region

Basically, post a pic and describe the ingredients. We all come from different parts of the world, and I’m sure we’d love to see what the other members eat.

I’ll get the ball rolling.

This is “batchoy”, my city’s (Iloilo, Philippines) specialty dish.

It’s basically a noodle soup cooked with chicken stock, pork meat and organs, along with pork rind cracklings. If you want, you could add a raw egg, soy sauce, and black peppers.


Living in London, I eat a huge array of different dishes from different cultures. When cooking, there is generally no recipe but throwing together ingredients that taste good.

But I suppose the most typical native dish is probably Fish and Chips lol. (fish (cod, plaice or haddock are most popular) fried in batter)

People like to have it in different ways, I personally like fish and chips with tomato or tomato sauce on top, a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar, salt (from a grinder), pepper with baked beans and a few pickled gherkins and onions on the side. Sometimes you also put some chips between two slices of bread and eat them like a sandwich (chip butty).

Other people like their fish and chips served strange (in my opinion) ways, especially further north. Some like gravy on their chips, some cheese, some even curry :mask:

Other common side dishes are tartar sauce, mushy peas, or salad.

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Living in Rome, I normally wouldn’t know what dish to choose. The Italian kitchen is full of the most delicious dishes. But, because of the heat of the past month (37+°C) I’d say my number one favourite at the moment is:

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Unfortunately, I cannot personally take a picture of a local St. Louis, MO, dish. I can, however, find one online.

TOASTED RAVIOLI (wikipedia link)
It can be available in a pure cheese version, but the most popular version contains minced beef and lamb, with some spinach and spices, shoved into a small pasta pocket, sealed, breaded, and deep-fried until GBD (golden brown and delicious.) Traditionally served with marinara sauce (with or without meat), it is heaven on a plate.




And what are the flavors? :wink:

That looks and sounds delicious. Where in the world are you though?

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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I don’t remember :smile:
But they were good :stuck_out_tongue:


They eat some odd things in this area. In fact, they made a list of 17:

You can tell I’m not originally from this area because I only enjoy about seven of these, though my wife (who was born in the area) enjoys all 17

The weird thing is I never had a funnel cake until I moved into the area, but it didn’t make the list. Perhaps it’s more popular than it used to be.

And @guido2004, this one’s for you. Not a picture I took, but this is the popular ice cream chain here.

Though I personally prefer soft ice cream


I haven’t had funnel cake in YEARS… last time I had it was at an Oktoberfest back in… uh… lemme see… sometime in the 90’s… I think… it’s been too long.


PS… Hog Maw sounds like a regional version of haggis. Not sure how I feel about 'dat. :smile:

Not really - the only similarity is they are traditionally done in an animal stomach (hog maw is pig, haggis is sheep). The stuffings are both different. I probably favor Hog Maw a bit, though I don’t particularly enjoy either of them.

True. But I love haggis (at least the versions that I’ve had, so far, are delicious.) Potatoes and pork sound like an excellent combo for the stuffing; but the cabbage makes me balk.



“Then horn for horn, they stretch and strive.
‘De’il tak the hindmost!’, on they drive.
‘Til a’ their weel-swalled kites belyve, are bent like drums.
The auld Goodman, maist like tae rive, ‘bethankit’ hums.”
-R Burns

Kind of a Southern thing:

Fried Catfish and Hushpuppies

My favorite from our neighbors over in Louisianna:

Crawfish Boil (crawfish, red potatoes, corn on the cob, all boiled together with Cajun Seasonings)

Crawfish are kind of like mini-lobsters that live in fresh water and you just eat the tail. The taste is very similar, but they have a much richer flavor.


Wait… you posted fried ravioli instead of BBQ ribs? :confused:

A local restaurant which makes OUT OF THIS WORLD crabcakes.

I’m serious - if you have any sort of love for crab, you need to make your way to Box Hill Pizzeria in Harford County, Maryland, sometime in your life.

Yummmmm…especially the hushpuppies. It’s nearly impossible to find decent hushpuppies much further north than North Carolina…

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St Louis style ribs?? All that is is just a meatier rib, not necessarily specific to STL, despite the moniker.

Foods invented in STL are gooey butter cake; toasted ravioli (yes, I know they are fried, but they are called “toasted” ravioli, or t-rav); concretes; pork steak; provel cheese; STL-style pizza; St. Paul Sandwich; 7-up; cotton candy; and slingers (eggs, hash browns, and meat all covered in chili, cheese, and onions).


Gooey butter cake is AWESOME!!! Love that stuff.

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Agreed. That’s all about the rubs and sauces.

I forgot this one. I was in Pittsburgh over the 4th of July, and ate a Primanti Bros. Fries and cole slaw on your sandwich - very much a Pittsburgh thing…My son loved it!


OK, I have to ask - what are hushpuppies? In this country, it’s a brand of footwear…

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