Portfolio Website Worries

I’ve got a nice myname.com domain which i’m thinking about creating a web development portfolio website with in future. I’m currently happy in my employment so i’m in no rush, but i’d like to have it sorted sometime soon for peace of mind.

Now, here’s the thing. I’ve been working on a web application for quite a while that i’m hoping to launch this year, which will make an excellent portfolio piece. However, I was going to launch, copyright, and accept payments for the web application through a developmentcompany.com domain name to make things look professional (as though the web application is run by a company rather than just a random person). I think this would benefit the app and generate more income.

Now… if I want to put the app on my portfolio site, i’d probably have to explain to potential future employers that the developmentcompany.com is just a front for my apps and that it’s just a means of a second income and to have some fun. But would this be acceptable or would this have a negative on my job applications? Obviously it looks good that i’m creating things and showing initiative, but wouldn’t it also look like i’m trying to get into business for myself, i’m distracted with my own projects, and I might potentially poach clients for my own “development company”? Basically I might be creating a conflict of interest?

People must have experiences revolving around this issue, please share your thoughts.

This is a tricky one; I see your point about the negatives and positives regarding this and future employers. I would say if you do seek future employment mention the company website but say it is an automated service that basically runs it’s self and only needs minimal administration, thus not distracting you from your potential new job but showing initiative and good business practice in streamling and gaining a second income.


This is remarkably common and while it will be a concern for employers, it’s all in the spin.

A prospective company is going to be asking you [or themselves] how much time does this take? How much money does this guy make [do you need a job that much]? What’s the conflict with our business? Answer those questions up front and do so in a way that sells you… This isn’t just proof of your development skills, it’s proof that you can think about the end user experience, build a solution to meet user’s demands and operate beyond the walls of development or design as a business owner, that’s strategy, sweet!

Thanks both of you for the advice, I suppose it is another thing i’d have to spin and make into a positive for the employer at the interview stage.

I’ve thought about the situation quite a lot since posting the thread, and i’m definately going to go ahead with my plans - I don’t want such worries distracting me from creating and distributing apps that i’ve put a lot of care and time into. I think i’m going to do an extremely basic one-page design for the developmentcompany.com domain though, just a title, introductory paragraph, links to apps and contact form. Should look less threatening this way.