Anyone put portfolios on their site?

I’m talking about designers/developers that are selling their services.

I’ve been impartial to adding a portfolio, for one it can limit people’s thoughts on your abilities, yet at the same time if someone really digs your work after looking through a portfolio I feel they will most likely contact you.

Any thoughts?

I have a “Portfolio”, but it’s not something I actively look to share. It’s there so that I have a good email address to give to clients and prospective employers, and it’s something that allows anyone to view my CV and skills online.

Yes, I do include some explanations of my work, but only because it’s easy to pack a CV site with tons of information, but very hard to get anyone to read a paper CV with more than two sides of paper.

Hi Bades,

Great question. :slight_smile:

One of the services we are offering is web designing however; we don’t put the portfolios of our staff in our website. If the client requested, then that’s time that we will send our staff’s samples and their resume.


That’s what I figured. Just send them examples if they request it.