Which domain for personal portfolio?

Hi guys

In the process of designing my portfolio website but I’m stuck on a domain choice.

The portfolio will have quite varied work as I’m doing “Creative Digital Media” at univeristy so I touch on web/print/multimedia/video/photography - basically all digital media.

Seeing as its a personal portfolio I want to include my name but “myname.com” is taken. I have two options really:

www.benmdavies.com (almost bendavies.com but with "M" in the middle for my middle name)

I’m concerned that my surname is a bit odd and not the easiest to spell which can be mixed up with “davis” but I’d like to use my name to keep it personal.

Thanks for any suggestions!

For myself personally i like the first domain as it’s more direct to whom actually owns the portfolio even without spacing out the letters, i only time i would ever use media in the domain is when for example I’m running an actual company website that deals with media in general.

Looks like you have both of them registered, so point them both to your site. I would usually go for the shorter version, but since you are dealing with media it might be easier for people to remember, especially if they don’t remember your middle initial and always refer to you as Ben Davies. So my vote is for the second one as your “official” domain.

I’d go with the second domain personally. It would be more memorable to people. And it would also let people know what the website will most likely entail.