Previous work on the site, and LLC?

So I’m new into freelancing and took on a client. I decided to start with a small project at first, which was a good idea, however he had some questions I was unable to answer.

Before asking for my help on the project, he was working on it with another person, someone who was new into programming, he asked me if he could come back and do anything about it. We are using NOTHING from their old project, and it never even surfaced the web. However we are using the same name, which we just purchased the domain name for yesterday. So any thoughts on that?

Also, the site allows for a paid listing feature. I was thinking the easiest way to do it would be through paypal, and what are the laws for that, I mean, would he need an LLC if he’ll be taking peoples money? I know he must have to have something.

Thanks for any/all feedback guys!

On the surface it sounds like you are fine. You have your own code, and you purchased a domain name. I know there are different LLCs so make sure you consult with a lawyer (or sometimes an accountant is good with that too). Then you can be protected more. Also, a trademark can be helpful in some cases, allowing you to seek monetary damages if someone tries to use your work illegally.

If you were hired as a freelance web developer, there is really no reason you would be expected to advice on tax/legal matters such as LLC’s, etc. This can get you in to real trouble, so you might want to recommend that the client consult with their accountant/attorney unless you have real knowledge in this area (asking questions to strangers on a forum doesn’t count!).