Pop Culture 2013

I am old, and I don’t follow “pop culture” anymore. sigh

Just out of morbid curiosity, please answer the following question…

What Quote or Saying (from a Movie/Song/Interview/Pop-Figure) do you think was most prevalent in 2013, and thus became part of 2013’s “Pop Culture”??

For example, if this was the 1970’s maybe it would be “Good Night, John Boy”. Or if this was the 1980’s it might be “Oh my God! Like, Gag Me with a Spoon!” (I have no clue what people said after that!!) :lol:

BTW, nothing personal, but I’m mainly interested in an “Americanized” answer, although everyone is welcome to join in! :slight_smile:
(Just state the Country you are referring to!)

Hope this makes sense?!



P.S. Please be specific about the source of the Quote/Saying, and be sure to “translate” it for us “old-timers” since we’re kinda slow… :wink:

Off Topic:

From the 50’s/60’s, when there was no “pop” yet: [U]See you later, alligator![/U] :slight_smile:

Miley Cyrus … “Twerking”. :crazy:

“There’s an App for that!”

This is only a guess because, I too, am very old and don’t mix with the pop crowd.