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I don’t understand this. Why has the last post been liked by 3 people ? Am I missing anything here ? I can understand us liking Techno Bear’s post mentioning the php 7 free ebook and anyone liking this post due to it having creative ideas at the end.

All John did was sigh a relief that the internet exists and made his life easier to search & check the codes online. Just speaking out his mind aloud. That’s all. Right John ?

So, why you people like his post just for that ? Not that I have anything against John receiving likes but should not he be getting likes when he posts solutions (links, codes, etc.) within the hour or the day/night. Infact, I’ve never seen anyone contributing more code than him in this forum but yet again those posts don’t get that many likes. Ah me! (sigh)! I hope I don’t get 3*3=9 likes just for sighing that! Lol!

Yet again, he sighs and gets likes. Likes at the wrong time. Strange!

Would farting out aloud here get anyone any likes ? (joke)! Lol!

I wonder if all these likes issue here is just another starting point for me to thinkup a game or some coding/programming solution/tool. I usually thinkup of things over nothing or small things out of the blue.

You know, I have been reading on how to get things go viral. Like your articles, webpages, youtube videos, etc. And, they teach you to create content (text/video) that will make people either laugh or cry (sad) or angry (controversial) as these things go viral. For 6 mnths been searching for the perfect template to make things go viral. Now, I’m wondering, how about some content that makes people “sigh”. Readers/viewers will pass onto others to sigh: Ah me!

It will go viral. I reckon.

Let’s see, if I can come-up with a “sigh releasing” content. Wish me luck! :slight_smile:

This post is not really off-topic because as soon as I thinkup the perfect viral template, it will be part of the script that uses the member reg-login that I’m building here.

I wonder if a free membership site would attract subscribers where people signup to access content that makes them: sigh.

People, in some parts of the world (nearly 1bn people), go and watch movies just to cry and feel sad. You guys are not aware of that. I heard them say it on videos. They watch sad movies because it makes them cry. They like to watch them and like to cry aswell. Maybe, a psychologist can tell me that it is just one way to release toxic (9-5 wage slavery stress) feeling from yourselves.

I probably have not mentioned in this forum, but I have in others that I’m interested in psychology (I don’t study any school crse) and I’m into pondering and finding out what makes people behave the way they do. How to predict their behaviour or control their behaviour (no, I’m not into mind control or hypnosis but more into what makes them do things such as buy things or what makes them spread the news and make it go viral, etc. Prediction for marketing purpose.). Anyway stopping now before I go off-topic. Might aswell open another thread on these “human psych control/prediction” topic.

See, I told you, I can make things out of the blue and thin air out of nothing. Look what I did from just 3 likes to John’s post. Created something out of nothing. And that something is not some dirt you can sweep under the carpet. :wink:

My friend tells me, I have a problem and that is I read into things too much. See things that aren’t really there (try reading peoples’ thoughts and intentions too much to “figure” them out).

Oh well. Might aswell build a php bot script that engages with you (like Kitt does with Michael Night in the Knight Rider). A 3D avatar. A script that can give you feed back or talk back to you. Keep you company when you feeling bored or down. Later-on can turn that into a mobile app. An app that has an avatar that engages with you. :wink:

PS - If you guys ever come across a website that shows pics of different kind of peoples’ facial limbs (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, lips, cheeks, foreheads, hairs, etc.) that exists in the world. Then let me know. Eg. pic of long nose, short nose, African nose, German nose, African lips, Asian lips, European forehead, etc. (you know what I mean).

Gonna build a script where you get a list of different looking limbs which you can pick and combine to build your own face to your liking. Build your dream girl/boy. I reckon a membership site like that would definitely go viral. What do you think ? :wink:

And people can register to my website just to have access to features to build their dream boy/girl and then see if they can find any real human with those exact features. They will have to signup to my website. And guess what script would sign them up ? Yes, the one we are working on now. :wink:

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I’ve moved this post into a new topic as it had nothing to do with the ongoing discussion and simply cluttered the thread, making it harder to follow.

The reason that people use the “like” button is because they like the post. Simple as that. They may like it because it’s particularly helpful, introduces a new idea, or is witty. They might just agree with what has been said. The point is, people are free to use it as they see fit. There’s no mystery.


How about having, simply for the sake of keeping the forums
genuinely well balanced, a “Dislike” the post option. :rolleyes:

I, personally, would have no objection whatsoever to find that
any, or even all, of my posts were actually disliked. :unhappy:

But, as my dear departed mother told me; I came out of her
womb aggravatingly contrary. :wonky:



Now that is a life skill not everyone can be gifted with… :wink:


Well, it has certainly given me a great deal of undeserved pleasure.:biggrin:



I rather like the like facility far better than waiting for a post to download along with avatar, post count, etc, etc just to be presented with a smiley face or LOL. Infuriating when using a slow connection!


Ha! Ha! Your last comment was very funny.
There should be a FUNNY LIKE button too aside these LIKES:

LIKE for advice given
LIKE for Humour given
LIKE for Link Recommendation
LIKE for Code Contributed

Just thought of all that at the top of my head. Oops! How about a LIKE for thinking up things on the spot that is likeable ? Lol!

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