Poll: What should our next t-shirt say?

Hey everyone,

We’re designing a few new t-shirts for SitePoint. While we’ve done some elaborate designs in the past, this time we’ll keep it pretty simple with the SitePoint name and logo, but it’d be nice to include a phrase or a slogan. I thought I’d open it up to the group: Which of these would you wear on a shirt? If none, what would you suggest?

  • In Code We Trust
  • Eat, Sleep, Code
  • Be a Better Developer
  • None, just a logo and name
  • Something else (comment below!)

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Eat, sleep, code, repeat.



All of them? I’d buy them all.


I like all the suggestions, and love to see each become a shirt. However, eat, sleep, code, is my favorite.

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That’s not very helpful :wink:

This is one I have that I’ve always rather liked. I guess it goes along the lines of the ‘Eat, Sleep, Code’ one.

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I’ll make sure to add that as a disclaimer next time that’s going to be the case :slight_smile: .

import time

while True:
    catch NoInternetsException:
        print "Nobody panic! I'm sure it's just a temporary glitch."
    catch DeathException:
        print "Programmer error."

Edit: Commented eat() and sleep() functions which aren’t strictly required and reduce efficiency.


I’m similar to @spxds - I would get any of them, but eat sleep code is the most catchy?

I like In Code We Trust, but I’m not so convinced about it when I think of what it would mean to someone on the “street”. (I guess the question is—Who are these messages intended for? People on the street, or like-minded people who know what “code” is?)

For the person on the street, I’d go for something more direct, like I'm a Web Programmer etc. Not funny or witty, of course, but I’m thinking of something that would be understood generally.

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I’d have to go for the latter personally, in which case the pun is perfectly relevant. The alternative is a straight statement of fact, but hasn’t the wit about it - I’d see that as being more likely to provoke the reaction “So what?”.


Yeah, it’s more intended for other people “in the know” — sort of how you might start a conversation with someone because they’re wearing the t-shirt of an obscure band you also like (or is that just me?). It would be awesome if people liked the shirt enough to wear it to work, for example!




Be a better developer

Voted Eat Sleep Code because:

  • it contracts into ESC
  • “In Code we Trust” is a lie, I don’t think anyone worth their salt trusts their code :wink:
  • “Be a Better Dev” sounds too official and “salesy”

not a coder… but developers in my office have unanimously voted for Eat, Sleep, Code


“Don’t Eat, Don’t Sleep, Just Code” :smile:


lol, I was wondering if Sleep should be in quotes, “Sleep”, so it is referred to as optional.

I think I’ve already got a SP eat sleep code shirt…I’ll have to look when I get home…

I feel very uncomfortable wearing “In Code We Trust”. Why else is there all the controversy over electronic voting machines?

It could imply that we only trust free software, where code is available to actually make the software trustworthy (which makes much more sense to me), but that connection isn’t strong enough with the above wording.

“Be a Better Developer” strikes me as somewhat limiting. We also have content related to business skills, and system administration.

“Eat, Sleep, Code” is at least funny. Doesn’t say much about our coverage of business skills and the like, but at least network/infrastructure/systems work is often coded these days - or should ideally be.

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