Pls recommend a host with the following features


Would appreciate if someone could recommend a good webhost that has the following features:

  1. Reasonable priced for about 15GB - 20GB of server space
  2. Uses Cpanel
  3. more than 99% uptime
  4. Has been in business for a long time and is a reputable brand (in the league of 1and1, hostgator etc).

You would sure find web hosting plans within this budget.

I’ll suggest hostgator cos I’ve used them personally. Apart from the fact that thy’re one of the largest hosting companies the world over, their customer support is second to none.

The specifications you listed are fairly generic. Any host will have these features really. In your case I’d recommend trying out a couple that have the 30 day money back trial.

Are you looking for shared hosting or managed vps hosting…as you are living in UK, which datacenter location will be best for you? US or UK?


I am not too fussy about the datacenter, but I have moved to China recently and its important that the host is not blocked here (unlike some of the big hosts here(

There are a lot of hosting providers in the US or UK. Try to search from the hosting directory.

its important that the host is not blocked here

Unfortunately, no host can guarantee that they won’t be blocked. I doubt there are many cases of hosts themselves being identified and blocked, but rather specific server IPs, IP ranges and websites. As far as I know it is all quite random, and hosts are basically powerless to do anything about it. I imagine that this is a problem common for most Chinese residents, so maybe a Chinese forum/website might reveal some real-life solutions/providers.

the Chinese firewall mainly blocks domains, and filters contents. It generally does not block IPs unless somebody host sensitive (to Chinese gov) contents on the IP directly.

just my 2 cents.

I don’t want to open another thread for this and I ask you here:

BEST FREE DNS service provider?

  • any suggestions?

Thank you.

You must be able to find here at SitePoint,
do you have budget?

As long as its under $10 per month, its good.

I use No-Wires | Advanced UK Web Hosting for shared hosting, they’re a UK based host. They’re pretty reliable and quite cheap too.

So far I’ve had better experiences with them than with any of the big-name brands you mentioned.

When comparing web hosts that you finally decided on make sure to read their TOS and SLA carefully. If you do have downtime you will want a web hosting provider who compensates their customers well for the downtime.