Good web hosts in the UK?

Hi, has anyone here come across a web host in the UK, for a reseller account for about 30 small traffic domains on 50Gb of disk space, on cPanel, where the servers and support staff are physically located in the UK please? Must have great, quick, very helpful support by email 8am-6pm Mon-Sat.
Needs to cost less than £100.
Any help and / or ideas much appreciated.

I’ve never used the reseller hosting, but I have shared hosting with this company and have always found their support very good. It seems to meet your requirements.

Thank you very much TB, are you sure they would satisfy all the requirements above please?

As I say, I haven’t used their rehosting, but reading the page I linked to it looks that way to me. If in doubt, why not ask them?

Yep, will ask, but always good to get input from existing users.

What more can I tell you? I’m happy with them and have always found their support good. smile

The initial price didn’t seem too bad, but they want to lump £30pa onto each domain for the SSL that other hosts do for free. But I do appreciate the input.

Are you looking for 100GBP / Per year price? Also, are you using Cpanel presently, just wish to advise check for the company offering free migration, that will help you a lot?
If you can also share your resource requirement in terms of space and other things will help.

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