Does anyone know a good cheap yet powerful dedicated hosting provider


im looking for a cheap but powerful dedicated hosting, im planing to have my own server company or GSP if you will, does anyone know a good provider, top of the line stuff.


Im planning to buy one too. I want a hosting server with multiple IPs so i thot of looking into SEO Host. Can anyone vouch for that?

There are many great yet cheap hosting companies available on the internet. And a lot of great questions have been proposed here. I would answer some of these before you start looking for the right hosting company.

What Type of:

I read somewhere on one of these forums that you can choose great spead and customer service but not great speed, customer service, and low cost. I think the quote was “You can only choose two”. If someone else on here read that or wrote that please let me know because you deserve the credit. I liked that a lot.

If you are looking for something you need to know about that

Maybe you have some web hosts in your mind already.

hostgator is the best, I have used this in my site,

There are a lot of cheap web hosting companies you can find through google. Just make sure that you also get to know how well the company performs from their current clients so you would know what to expect from them once you avail their services.

Since Dan mentioned SoftLayer, I would suggest you also reach out to their reseller,

Cheap computers for the power, and good datacenter. The only catch is that their support I give a C rating.

Or if you don’t need all the bells and whistles, I would suggest Quadranet. Use them now. High power setups with amazing technical support. So happy with them, and their network is insanely fast.

I would NOT however use HostGator or Hivelocity. HostGator just from what I’ve been told by a number of acquaintances and Hivelocity due to shady practices that I encountered.

good luck!

You want a cheap provider but want to be a server company? Those things do not align. The only way you get quality AND cheap is with scale, and you don’t have scale if you haven’t started yet and you’re asking people on a forum.

I don’t want to leave you without a recommendation though, so check out Softlayer:

They have some truly world class data centers, internal networks and customer control panels.

  1. What is server config do you require?
  2. What will be considered by you as cheap server (according to the #1)?

They are different web hosting companies : the cheap one and the one which offers powerful configuration. There are no such web hosting providers which offer that all-in-one :wink:

I have a vps with these guys, their service is rock solid.

If you are ready to spend a bit extra for fully managed servers with a good configuration and round the clock support, I would advice you to checkout dedicated servers offered by

I had a dedicated server with them in the past and got good quality support whenever needed. Only issue which took time to be resolved was the mailserver issue but the support dept. resolved it for me as soon as they could :slight_smile:

I think that is possible to find the best configuration. However that might takes a lot of time to find that.