Please how do I get FILEZILLA CLIENT to work?

Hello guys

I just downloaded Filezilla client but cant get it to work as it keeps
giving these error messages while trying to Quickconnect:

Error: Could not read from transfer socket: ECONNRESET - Connection reset by peer
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing
It also indicates that directory listing failed.

Please how do I get it to work to enable me upload some files.



Hi bhills. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Firstly, what system are you on (e.g. Mac, PC)?

Do you have a web hosting account? If so, do you have the username and password for that account?

If not, what are you trying to connect to?

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Thanks ralph.m
I am on a PC and I have a hosting account.
I used the same username and password that was mailed to me by hostgator when got the hosting.

Are you sure about your FTP accesses (Host, Username, password, port)? Double check those and veify with your host provider!

Thanks Dark Tranquility
I guess it should be the correct one cos it was the same host, username,password that was emailed to me by hostgator when I got the hosting. I usually leave the “port” empty. I don’t know if that is okay.

With HostGator settings you don’t need to set the port.
As a host name use: your domain .com simply not the URL of the server?

That was exactly what I used.
username- the username I used in setting up the hosting
password- the was generated by hostgator and forwarded via the welcome email

Do you have a control panel with your hosting account? If so, try logging in to that with that username and password and thereby make sure they are the right ones.

I was able to use it to sign into the Control Panel. I observed that Filezilla client also connects to the server with the same username/password. It just don’t get directory listings of the host(right side). It also does’nt also display the normal ticks that displays on top when the ftp client connecting with server.

I was wondering if it will be okay to to un-install the Filezella client and re-install it again.
What are your thoughts on this please?

I’m sure that would be fine, but it my not help. I’m not very familiar with FileZilla (only having used it a few times on a Mac) but it’s usually very straightforward to connect to the host via FTP. Can you post a screen shot of what the right side of FileZilla looks like when you are connected? In the setup, you usually have to nominate what folder you want to connect with—be it the root folder or some folder above that. Maybe you aren’t seeing what you expect because you are connected to a folder above the root folder?

Here is the link to the screen shot. I have been struggling to put the screen here but yet to get it right.
Kindly click the link to the screen shot. thanks

I believe HostGator give usernames and passes for the FTP access that are different from the Cpanel ones? Unless they changed that recently!
check the welcome mail they sent you. Or, from the CPanel create another FTP Account and test it.
Also check if your firewall isn’t blocking FileZilla!

Though I don’t know what all host-gator offers with their cPanel; You should have an option of creating “FTP Accounts” within cPanel (under “Files” category") which you could grant to any level of access to your domain (root, addon, ect.) or changing the FTP login altogether. Theres also “WebDisk” you could use through Windows Explorer (as it appears your running vista based on your screenshot). All else fails you can use the “File Manager” within cPanel (also found under files) to get the job done but I would suggest double checking with your host about FTP access if you don’t have any of the above options.

I have contacted hostgator and the rep is insisting that I should be able to use the cpanel username/password for ftp access.
He said that he was able to use same information to connect to filezilla ftp program. We agreed that I should retry and get back to him…Please how do I check if FIREWALL is blocking filezilla?

Thanks Amish
I don’t know how to create FTP Accounts within cpanel. Please can you explain this more? Also how do I change FTP login as you suggested?
I really appreciate the various alternatives you suggested,but I don’t have a clue on how to go about it. I have also double checked with hostgator and the rep is insisting that the he was able to login effectively with the same cpanel username/password I am using.

I just Googled “filezilla directory listing failed” and there were lots of discussions and solutions to this online (as there often are).

Here are some things I found:

An article on various important things and issues with FileZilla:

and some discussions

My other question would still be whether or not you are uploading to the right place. When setting up FileZilla, did you specify a folder to upload to, such as /public_html/ ?

Thanks ralph.m
I was able to get it to work after going through the resource you recommended but noticed some FAILED FILES at the end of the transfer. I contacted hostgator and the rep told me that I can resolve it manually but I have no clue on how to do manual transfer of failed ftp files. Please any suggestions on how I can achieve this?
Many thanks to you guys for all the assistance.

I assume it means simple dragging one file at a time from the left window to the right window. That’s my guess, anyhow.

Thanks ralph.m
I just contacted hostgator and the rep walked me through the manual transfer through the cpanel.
Many thanks again to you guys for helping me out.
you guys are really great here.


You’re welcome. Glad we could help in some way … even if just with moral support.

Hopefully we’ll see you again. :slight_smile: