My Filezilla is sick. :(

I am working with a version of Filezilla that stops uploading or downloading large files. It’s so frustrating. I am not sure if it’s a network problem or a preference problem. I hope something is done about it. I have no say. It’s up to the higher ups.
Has anyone here gone through issues with Filezilla? If so, was there a remedy? I know, I know, broad question. :blush:

I haven’t encountered that issue. Can you simply reinstall it, or something, or is there a limit on your ability to do that?

If the connection falters, Filezilla will try to “retry” and resume upload/download… if it reaches the max retries, it’ll fail and stop trying to resume. One way to combat this on a poor connection is to change the max number of retries. Go to Edit->Settings and under Overview, “Maximum number of retries” seems to default to “2”. “0” is unlimited, I believe, and obviously a number higher than 2 might help as well.

Do you have any specific information about the errors, can you show us a log file, or tell us file sizes you’re working with, Internet connection reliability, etc? It’s hard to troubleshoot a problem with so little information!


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