FileZilla failure

FileZilla has failed to get my files up to a website, despite many attempts to do so. Is there another, hopefully better FTP software to help me get my site online?

Filezilla is fine - could it be that you were having problems configuring it, or adding the relevant information for your site? This FTP client has always been my second choice.

Another one (the one that I tend to use) is WinSCP. Maybe try that one.


Do you have an error message to troubleshoot FileZilla? FZ really is one of the better FTP apps available.


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As others have mentioned, it would be really helpful if you could share the specific error that you’re encountering in FileZilla as this will give us a better idea of the underlying issue that you’re facing. For example, are you encountering an error establishing the connection or something else? Also, what type of FTP protocol are you trying to use?

Took some getting used to how fast FileZilla is, but I DID get the site up. When things don’t go a familiar way (drag n drop, or copy/paste) then it takes some fumbling about to figure out how it DOES work. With some help from GoDaddy, I got it figured out, and got online. Thanks for your help!