Please help editing psd file

I am editing a ministe template using photoshop and I was able to make what I want… the problem is, I don’t know how to save my edited job to appear on template? I am no master and this is the first time I am trying hard to edit and make my own minisite to cut production cost… Please help… How do I save my edited file to appear as images on template’s folder…

The template comes with psd file… how do I replace the images with the psd file I edited with photoshop?

Any suggestion is highly appreciated… thanks a lot

Hi Jun.

You will need to slice or crop the image elements you need and then File>Save For Web
Select jpeg and set the quality you want (higher quality = larger file size).

Save the images and name them as required. Edit the template code using the new image names.

Hi Spike,

I figured it out. yeas, I used slicer and crop the images… LOL, I spent my whole online time on seo and had no time with webdesign and programming…

…while some of us spend all our time on web design and programming, but not on SEO. :lol: There just aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes. :frowning:

… we want to do everything but our time is just not letting us to do so… LOL