Is it possible to change a part of an image, that you saved before in PS 7?

Anyone know if it’s possible to save an image in Photoshop 7, where you can go back to it at a later stage, and change part of it please ? Am completely new to PS, so not sure.


Yes, just save it in psd format and maintain all layers.

Many thanks, I’ll do that.

One thing, I sometimes have to email the images to other people and I guess if they don’t have PS on their pc, they won’t be able to open it - is that right ?

You can email them the .jpg or gif or png format and keep the psd for yourself for future edits.

Thanks, what’s the best way of doing that please ? Would you save it as a psd then save again as a jpg ?

While you are working on the image keep saving it in psd, then when you’re satisfied with your work you can then save it as .jpg …meaning the .jpg is the finished product.

But anytime you need to change something go back to the psd file.

Thanks, but why would you need to keep saving as a psd ? Couldn’t you make that action, the last but one action, then save as a jpg ?

when you save it as psd it is kept the way it was when you are working on it, you can go back and correct spelling and whatnot change colors etc.

you can also save it in several other formats as separate files , .jpg, .png, .gif, etc.
these flatten all the layers into one layer, and you can’t edit layers at this point on these files

Thanks Craggerbil, that makes sense, but stonedeft said while working on a project, keep saving as a psd. I’m just trying to understand why you would need to keep saving it, while working on it, couldn’t you just save it the once, at the end ?

Well yes you can do that but I prefer to save it occasionally I’ll never know when the dog will trip over the power plug of my pc :lol:

Aaaah, now I see, I thought there was a more ‘techy’ reason for it and I thought I was missing it somewhere, but yep, I can sympathise with that one, I keep my wires well away from my dog for that very reason :lol::lol:

The helps been appreciated. I do need help on some basic stuff on PS7, but rather than do a thread drift, have recently created another thread on it here.