PHP tool to access MySQL database on localhost

I have been long time in web development. There are some situations where I need to access database on remote web host to do some edits. Mostly I use phpMyAdmin for that purpose, but sometimes its not installed there, and I own only FTP access. I don’t want to upload phpMyAdmin, cause its weight is more than 8 MB, and often I need to make only 1 row change. Is there any alternative tools, or methods that I’m able to access db fast on remote host with only ftp in my hand.

If your database is configured to allow remote access, there are a myriad of tools available.

Such as MySQL Workbench, [URL=“”]HeidiSQL or even the [URL=“”]MySQL CLI.

What does “localhost” have to do with the question? (It’s in the title, but not mentioned in your post). Unless …

If the remote MySQL database allows remote connections then you could run phpMyAdmin on your local computer (localhost) and configure it to “talk” to the remote database.

Or if you have SSH access to the MySQL server then you could probably use MySQL command line commands?

Very nice indeed, thanks for the heads up!

You can also use SQLBuddy, try it out at
This is web software which allows you to connect to a mysql database with the ip, user & pwd.
No installation required :wink:
I find it really handy at times.

Yes, I always use this or SQLYog if a client has not provided me with control panel details and they cant tell me how to get into phpMyAdmin.

Thank you, great tool. I’ve used it successfully. It lacks some features that we has in phpMyAdmin, but weight is only 1Mb (or 300Kb in zip). I think it can be useful for every1 in future.

Most or some of the web hosts doesn’t allow you to connect remotely to mysql database. So the only way is to connect through ssh or localhost. But mostly I have only ftp access.