Looking for host for remote MySQL connection


I have developed a desktop system that uses MySQL data.

I want to use a host to access the data but my current provider only allows access to MySQL data via a web server.

Can anyone suggest a host that would provide direct connection to a MySQL database?

Hmm you can connect to mysql database directly what so ever. For example in JAVA, the MySQL connector syntax is something similar to:

String url = “jdbc:mysql://ipaddress:3306/mysql”;
Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(url,“username”, “password”);

In my hosting provider I have mysql setup, phpmyadmin and etc… And I can still connect to the database from my desktop applications just fine.

And MySQL Server run on its on in a different port number, so try to find what port your mysql server is on, then connect to the IP Address in that port.

Do you mean your local desktop application will connect to remote shared plan mysql database?

yes , maybe something like that, my previous hosting provider has this option and i like it most of all, but some HSP`s dont allow this and i dont like phpmyAdmin :nono:

Most hosts won’t be allowing remote Mysql connections due to security reasons.
But some will allow it on request if you have a dedicated IP to connect from.

But you will need to contact them to get it enabled.

Most hosts allows only local mysql connection, due to security concern. You may talk to some smaller hosts to see if they would allow. But be warned that desktop application connecting to remote mysql server is going to be very slow, depending on your connection speed.

I dont think you’ll get the result you’re expecting… But to try it yourself:
get virtual server (vpsland.com offer 50% off for the first month, I wouldn’t recommend them as permanent solution)
install mysql, create user, allow the remote host (or allow % - any host)
test your application. If 1-2 seconds delay is not a problem for you, it will work.

Security could be managed by declaring some ip address.

I’m looking myself for a paid webhosting with hostgator features (unlimited domains, unlimited mysql db). Currently I have found one that is free see my signature below :slight_smile:

Maybe I can provide what you need.

As rule Mysql server is separate server with thouthands of other databases.

I think and think that some companies will allow it but after your request. And you must be trusted and verified customer at least.