Magento 2.3 remote database

I need remote databases for test purpose (duration max 1 month) with access to phpmyadmin , I have a host but order to get database I need to pay for it
Anyone have an idea about that
Thanks in advance

just install that service on your local machine and forward the port in your router.

It is not hosted locally , The site is on FTP

but you said “remote database”, so your local installed database is the remote database for your server-hosted application.

I probably would just pay for the database. Since it not that expensive

If you have a host that doesn’t give you at least one database, get a new host.

To be honest, I never understand why people are doing this (the cheap way). Setting up a remote database will cost more time and it is not worth the effort.
Well maybe if you need a cluster or something.

You pay one or two euros for a database a month (a develop database MySql).
By my hosting provider I can add a lot of databases on my plan (pay like 2 euro a month).

I must say some European host are pretty cheap

I don’t think anyone really does.

Running a production database off your personal laptop and opening up your network to the outside world isn’t very smart, reliable, secure, or robust.

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