Php open source shooping cart

Not really a coding question so sorry if this is in the wrong section, feel free to move it elsewhere if it belongs in a different thread.

I have been doing lots of research on open source shopping cart software and its really hard to trust other people’s opinion when you don’t know their skill level in programming. For all I know they could be writing an amazing review and be using default themes for their cart and be as happy as possible.

So I thought I would ask here since its a community whose opinion I can trust when it comes to this stuff.

Basically I am looking for something that is php based, easily customizable and doesn’t restrict you to templates, and hopefully has good documentation or a decent support community.

The two that are appealing to me at the moment are Magento and Presto Cart. Does anyone have any experience with these or any other carts out there? All input is greatly appreciated.


what a waste of time reading… well skimming that…

It has nothing to do with design/development at all…

Yes Magento is the way to go

OsCommerce has been around since 2002 with a huge support forum, alot of great features and additions

Magento is a great cart, alot of features, using up to date technologies jquery; its based on the Zend Framework

PrestaShop sucks sorry… I installed it for a client and its so early in development stages they didn’t even have half the stuff a typical cart should have; and then you had to pay for features that should’ve been standard in the cart.

only way to really find what you like is to try them all

WordPress and Joomla has shopping cart additions to them too.

The only real solution is to download, install, and try out as many shopping carts as you can to see which ones meet your business requirements.

Magento has a “free” version that you can download and use along with a commercial alternative if you want to upgrade later, and Prestashop is one of many carts that lets you use the software for no charge. There are also many commercial open source carts around and developers often offer things like 30 day trial periods or your money back.

oscommerce, you should try it…
there is many checkout module for the payment…:smiley:

Is zeuscart a dead project? I just looked in their community forums and the most recent post I saw was from last June.

Funny timing, I literally clicked the download button for it now, I will let you know if there is anything worth while in it.

Have you purchased the Magento User Guide, I’ve heard it’s full of useful info.

Just thought I would throw this out there in case anyone else is looking for the same info, but I’ve spent the past few days digging into the Magento documentation.

I started to grasp the file structure and layout/template/skin system they use, then the documentation just came to a complete hault. Leaving me hanging on where to go next for info. Their wiki is tiny and screencasts seem to be on random topics.

Not to mention that the community seems sort of weak, although there are frequent posters, its more like the blind leading the blind and very few experts.

I don’t mean to be a debbie-downer but Magento seems to have such potential to be what I need, I don’t understand why there is such little info on developing for it.

Anyone know any secret resources to look up? Thanks

hell no to Volusion, I had a client try switching to it, and it was just a nightmare.

+1 on building your own cart. Shopping cart is super simple to develop. Just a few pages
1 home
2 product list page
3 product page
4 cart
5 checkout
6 thanks!

I use my custom shopping cart as much as i can with clients… other than that i shoot for Magento.

the rest is just bells and whistles.

Thanks for the responses guys, I’ve decided to give Magento a try. It is definitely the whole eCommerce package that is appealing to it. At the same time it doesn’t seem to restrict much of the design capabilities of it.

Originally I was recommended to Volusion by some friends of mine that are big into eCommerce (not so much into design and coding). When I started to look into it, you were really bound by all of their templates when it came to design, and a lot of those templates were table layouts… nuff said…

Anyways thanks for the help guys, hopefully this works out well

If you are reasonably skilled in PHP, another option is to consider building your own shopping cart.

A shopping cart is essentially just one or more session variables storing product items, quantities and prices.

You could use procedural or OOP techniques and so fully customise your cart to however you like instead of relying on 3rd party “black boxes” with varying degrees of customability and features.

Just something to think about.

A shopping cart is pretty simple to build, its everything else that is difficult. Magento unlike some of the others mentioned isn’t so much a shopping cart as it is a complete eCommerce package. Magento is a nearly complete business solution where as most shopping carts are just a small piece of the bigger picture.