Looking for shopping cart recommendations

hello all,

i am looking for a good cart solution for a clients needs. below is a punch list of whats needed:

  • php and mysql based (prefer open source due to the cost, or something under $100.00 if such a thing exists)
  • easy to template. my php skills is not that great.
  • the cart itself will be small. offering only about 10-15 items max
  • built in cms. client wants to be able to add content as needed.
  • to be able to capture information and report very well, visitors, referrers, basically what a cart normally reports.
  • build in email blasts, to be able to send email to all registered visitors (if there was an option to sort by distributors, retailers, and standard shoppers would be a plus)
  • be able to manually add entries (clients)

thats about it for now.

one thing that would be nice, but is not a major facor, is if the cart had the ability to take information from a form and enter that information directly into the customer database. i dont know if thats even possible, but i figured i would throw that in.

thanks in advanced for your suggestions.

You could filter yourself a list of carts at www.shopping-cart-reviews.com and then examine each one more thoroughly.