eCommerce Solution Needed

I have a current client that would like to start an eCommerce store. I would prefer to do it open source if at all possible.

The store is run by a swimming pool company and i was told that in time the store would need to hold 5,000 items.

I need something easy to use for the client to go in and add their products and what not. I would also like for it to be standalone running on its own database. I would basically would be just going in and skinning it. I am a designer and i am comfortable playing with code.

I need all sorts of suggestions.

Probably something like Magento. Just make sure the cart is in continuous development since regular fixes are needed for security, etc. Oscommerce is an example of one that is not getting reviews due to lack of updates.

What are your thoughts on open cart?

There are a lot of shopping carts on the market:

Do you have any specific requirements? E.g. may be you looking for ASP shopping cart or PHP?

Opencart is pretty good shopping cart, but I think it is limited for your needs.

You better of going for multi-channel solutions.
Something like this one
Try the demo there.

Hi, new guy here in the forum.
May I ask you why do you prefer and open source platform?

-Daniel O.

An open source platform allows you to make any sort of functioning modifications in the future if you have some html/php.

DigivendorPro is also open source and basically you can take the basics of what are there and then add to it or take things away that you like or don’t like.

yah magento is a pretty decent option

Things get much more complex when it comes to an upgrade to a newer version. The store platform may be open source, but if it requires editing of core scripts to change or add features, then, when you upgrade, you lose all these mods, because any upgrade would just rewrite old files with new ones.

It’s modularity that matters. You should be able to add features as individual modules/plugins, and not touch the core. Then upgrades won’t be one hell of a problem.

You mention “open Source” but then say you
would prefer to simply “skin it”. Would you use a
non-open source solution if you could skin it the
way you wanted it?

If so, you’ll be removing a lot of headaches by
using a pre-canned solution.

If you are comfortable with HTML & CSS and want to do some serous skinning, Avactis is worth giving a shot. They have a templating system similar to Wordpress in the sense that it’s HTML with some PHP tags that get data from DB. But there’s much more templates than in WP so you can do a very deep customization.

Take a look at this one as well.
It is an open source ASP.Net 4.0 application.

Watch the PCI compliance issues as well as
this has become a much more important
item to consider than ever before.

Hey…i agree with what dvduval said. With the scenario that you are comfortable with codes Magento is best open source ecommerce platform with easy back end work. Its UI is easy with endless creativity. Then i also came across iScripts VistaCart platform. It is also good for creating an ecommerce store.
Hope this works :slight_smile: All the best.

I started with Magento for a half year ago and have been very happy with it because it is constantly developing new modules and you can create a beautiful and useful shop solution to it now. I’m a starter in the area but have made *Fiskegrej Online It may still be developed but it comes as I get better.

Here is a list of open source ecommerce solutions:

See here more:

Another thing to consider is who will be maintaining the site day-to-day?

While you may be comfortable with the Magento admin area… many clients will find it overwhelming.

I Do not know much about all the shopping cart’s features and quality. Visit this shopping cart software comparison , it will help you compare and decide what is the best for your store. Each cart are compared by lists for easy understanding. I hope this will answer your question. :slight_smile:

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I’m also curious about recommendations to go open source so you can modify the application. First up, the best of breed apps offer a broad range of integrated capabilities. Let’s say you want to bolt on something - is it going to easily incorporate all the core features of the system; for example security , or versioning, or the ability link into a taxonomy; or will your bolt on code become an island that shares the same database but works differently, and feels out of step as upgrades to the main app come through?

have a look at ecommerce solutions offered by dotcommerce, they provide an opportunity to login using demo account and use trial version of their software