Php math's issue


I need some help with php math functions

I have added a php order form to my website at the following

I have added a total deposit to pay now field

Two issues, one is I want the total to be divided into 2 and then that figure displayed in the total deposit to pay now input field

Second issue is after filling the details and clicking submit, I have made extra text saying total deposit to pay now, I want that to display the total price divided by 2 and then the paypal button to know that number divided into 2 and taken through to PayPal

At the moment the paypal button is just taking the total price and going through to PayPal

I can send over php files if that is possible through PM or by email if anyone wants to email me at <snip>

Thank you in advance

Kind regards


Use a calculator, a pen and paper to figure out your algorithm and then put it into code sense :slight_smile: its what i do.

As for the paypal button issue. I don’t know what your code looks like but i’m sure your over looking something really simple.