Php and paypal

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I’m having a bit of a problem with the character limit for paypal shopping carts. I currently have it set up so that when additional options are selected on the form, this is then calculated using java for the total box, which is then sent across to paypal. The issue with this is that there are quite a few options available. So when they are all selected even though the total is correct I don’t know what some of the options are, as the relevant text stops after about 150 characters.

One solution i had thought about was to have the individual elements as additional item that can be selected and added with 1 click of the button. I remember reading somewhere that even through paypal does not support add all items to cart, you can get around this using php? I know its a bit vague, but does anyone have any links to tutorials or examples i can work from in order to implement this? I should point out that I am a bit limited in my knowledge of php, but hopeful that i can learn as i go.

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Feel free to ask any questions if i have not made any sense.


I think of PP as pretty limited in what it can do, but some people are cleverer than I, so there might be a solution. One simple option might be to have a simple code for each option (say 3-4 letters, hidden behind the scenes) so that plenty of options can fit into that 150 character limit.

Thanks for the reply. That is how i currently have the paypal checkout set up (with the 3 letter code) Though I did not know that these could be hidden from the purchaser but still sent to me. That would be very helpful as I can then send them a confirmation email with the full details, instead of them getting a list of strange letters.

Do you know how this is set up. I just use the on0 and on1 codes which i don’t think can be hidden?

Store the options selected in a local database, assigned to an order number. Pass the order number through Paypal, and use that to determine what they ordered.